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OSHO is one who has discovered d door 2 living HIS life in the time-less dimension of d present.He has called himself a TRUE EXISTENTIALIST. And HE hs devoted His life 2 provoking others 2 seek this same door,2 step out of d world of past & future! (joy)

Group Founder: mr.mek
Description: MOST OF US LIVE OUT OUR LIVES IN THE WORLD OF TIME, in memories of the past and anti tion of the future. Only rarely do we touch the timeless dimension of the presen - in moments of sudden beauty, or suddden danger, in meeting with a lover or with the surprise unexpected. Very few people step out of the world of time and mind, its ambitions and competitiveness, and begin to live in the world of the timeless. And of those who do, only few have attempted to share their experience. Lao Tzu, Gautama Buddha, Bodhidharma, Aristotal, Socratese, Plato, Jesus Christ, . . . or more recently, George Gurdjieff, J. Krishnamurthy - they are thought by their contemporaries to be eccentrics or madmen; after their death they are called philosophers. And in time they become legends - not flesh-and-blood human beings, but perhaps mythological representations of our collective wish to grow beyond the smallnes and trivia, the meaninglessness of our everyday lives.OSHO is one more gems in this raw. He belogs to no tradion - I am the beginning of a totally new religious conciousness, He says. Please don't connect me with the past - it is not even worth remembering. His talks to desciples n seekers from all over the world have been published in more than six hundred volumes, and translated in2 over thirty languages.BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH is now known simply as OSHO.OSHO has explained that His name is derived from William James' word OCEANIC which means dissolving into the OCEAN. Oceanic describes the experience, He says, but what about the experience? For that we used to find out that word OSHO. Later He came to find out that OSHO has also been used historically in the Far East meaning The Blessed One, on whom The Sky Showers Flowers. (dance2)
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Category: Religion & Beliefs > Mysticism

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go Welcome OSHO lover! (4) mr.mek
Hi OSHO lovers, u r welcomed here. Osho means a source of joy, enery, meditation, spirituality, philosophy n life.. funny.gif

go What's Religiousness? (0) mr.mek
Friends, we can see many religions on d earth.all d religions lead us 2 the truth n god. But why do many of people/followers argue, envy, insult,fight, kill one another? So where do their religios tea...

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go How do u know abt OSHO?